Welcome Kit

Desk Plaque*
Our hand-crafted Desk/Wall plaque is quite simply: gorgeous. It is a true and beautiful tribute suitable for a prominent position in your office or home. Made of the highest-quality materials, it’s a stunning commemoration of your achievements and success.
*For our Diamond and Platinum Members

Certificate of Recognition
Perfect for framing, this certificate is a lovely addition to your other certifications. Printed on high-quality stock, with beautiful leafing, this certificate is a lovely tribute of your excellence in the medical profession.

Personal Webpage
Increase your exposure by having your own custom webpage. We write it, you edit it until it’s a perfect companion for your biography. Send us a profile picture and/or your CV and we will publish it until you’re satisfied. This will also increase your exposure on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines!


Everyone needs a break, right? Enjoy this Discounted Companion Airline Ticket voucher that certainly off-sets the price of your membership. You and a companion can fly anywhere in the continental United States that has a commercial airport. Take a breather on a beach in Florida, hike the White Mountains in New Hampshire, or any adventure you so desire. The choice is yours!

*For our Diamond and Platinum Members. See terms and condition for additional details.